Wednesday, January 2, 2008 - Supercharged Business Networking Makes Your Writing Reach Your Audience

TaggZilla - Biz Networking Explodes Your Profits

This is a cool site I found to juice up your writing. You can easily and quickly create a nice looking comic strip to illustrate your point and supercharge the power of your writing.

I won't go into the cliche "picture says a thousand words" but I will say that the more senses you can engage in your readers the better and more impactful your message will be.

There are so many opportunities with rich media now (video, audio, photo, comics, avatars) to connect with your readers and sites to upload and link to so you don't have to worry about bandwidth issues.

Your writing no longer has to be boring old text only. You can make your writing come to life and be as close as the live in-person presentation (most powerful method of communication) as possible. - start making more today and find your desired audience.

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