Sunday, August 19, 2007

How to Make a Resume - 1st and Foremost....

The first and most important part of your resume creation is your psychology. You must understand why you are creating it and how to create it for maximum result.

Here is what you should be thinking....what value can you give to your prospective employer?

That is the overriding mindset to have when you are writing it, or when you are telling your hired gun how to write it describe the value you have to offer an employer.

The same way that you only care what your salary, benefits, and job is going to be for you; your employer only cares how much you are going to cost him and how much revenue you are going to bring in. Or if you are admin there will be some other metrics he will measure your performance by.

He is evaluating whether to keep you around (after he has decided to hire you that is) and if you provide appropriate value to the level he is paying you. Also, the value you give will determine when (or more often if) you get a raise and how much.

The more valuable you are the more money you can make.

5 Top Tips:

1. We have already discussed...what value do you give? The more you can customize it to each individual company you are applying the more you stand out from girl #123 who is also applying.

2. Your resume is your marketing piece. Treat it as such and write it as such.

3. I have never seen a thumbnail photo on a resume but for your top 10 desired positions why not put an excellent quality full color photo. It would definitely help you stand out.

4. Think of the human resources person seeing your resume. They get hundreds (maybe thousands) of resumes to go through at any 1 time. That means they glance at each one and if nothing catches their eye, BAM straight to the trash can! That's why the photo idea would make you stand out. Test it out what could it hurt?

5. Be clear, concise with your objective again with emphasis on the value you provide and specific, applicable skills you bring to the table. Crushing a beer can on your head or being an expert french braider (ladies) are not skills your prospective employer cares about.

6. Keep to standard formatting, spell check, and grammar check! These are huge as the only idea they have of who you are is this 1 piece of paper. Keep this in mind and make that 1 piece of paper really sizzle AND STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD.

Above all avoid being guy #1432, and become Mark Harris (or whatever your name happens to be); Become a name not just a faceless number.

Top 2 tools for creating your custom, kick ass resume:

Creates Your Custom Marketing Soldier Resume

Secrets That Catapult Your Resume Over the Also-rans

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